Bay Area Event: Building RIAs using Flash Builder for is putting on a great event on August 25 in San Mateo, California where you can learn about how to build RIAs on the Cloud with Flash Builder for This will be a great opportunity to meet the team that built the tool and learn how to use it! If you can’t make it then check out the article I recently published “Building Client / Cloud Apps with Flash Builder for Force.

Building Client / Cloud Apps with Flash Builder for

I have a theory. The majority of people who use enterprise software today use old school Client / Server apps. We’ve been trying to move these apps to the web for more than ten years. The ease of deployment of web apps is a clear motivator. Yet the client capabilities of the plain old web browser have not been sufficient for many apps to make the leap. This is why I love Flex and the Flash Platform.

Flash Platform and Webinar and Mobile App

Client + Cloud technologies have been quickly evolving and maturing. The combination of Flex and continue to lead the way for next generation Client + Cloud applications. Recently I did a Webinar on The Flash Platform and with Dave Carroll from Salesforce. If you missed it you can watch the recording to see how you can begin developing Client + Cloud apps. Also watch Jeff Douglas demo an offline case management app he built with Flex and Force.

Flex and The Cloud

The combination of Flex and The Cloud is quickly becoming an IT and paradigm changing combination. Here are a number of recently published resources for learning more about this : An article I wrote has been published on the online Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine: Flex and The Cloud: Is this really just Client/Server 2.0? I’ll be speaking on Thursday, February 18 2010 at the Denver Flex User Group about Flex and The Cloud The recording of a webinar I co-hosted on the new Salesforce.

Flex At Dreamforce 2009

This week I’m in San Francisco at Dreamforce -’s yearly conference. It’s amazing to walk around the expo hall and see how much Flex is being used in enterprise products and services. Like last year I’ve been recording some videos of some of the great enterprise Flex apps here. Also Greg Wilson has been tweeting a few pics of some of these apps including right90 (update: now a video instead of a pic) and PivotLink with more to come.

Adobe and Unite RIA and The Cloud

The two major trends transforming software right now are Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and Cloud Computing / Software as a Service (SaaS or PaaS). These trends are driven by two needs: Full client capabilities, which allow software to perform optimally and increase usability Easy deployment, which allows developers to focus on business needs instead of building infrastructure The combination of RIA and Cloud is the future of software because it provides full client capabilities and easy deployment.

Building Rich Cloud Applications with and Flex

Combining the power of the cloud and the client allows developers to have the best of both worlds - easy deployment and full client capabilities.’s cloud platform, called, and the Flash Platform are two proven and reliable choices for building these types of Rich Cloud Applications. Last week I co-hosted a webinar called “Developing Rich User Interfaces on Using Adobe Flex” in which Ryan Marples (from and I walked through the two platforms and how to use them together to build great software.

Webinar: Developing Rich User Interfaces on Using Adobe Flex

On August 27 I’ll be co-presenting a webinar - Developing Rich User Interfaces on Using Adobe Flex. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about combining Cloud and RIA to create software that works well for end users and significantly reduces IT costs. If this interests you then go sign-up now. Hope to “see” you on August 27th.