Flash Platform and Salesforce.com Webinar and Mobile App

Client + Cloud technologies have been quickly evolving and maturing. The combination of Flex and Salesforce.com continue to lead the way for next generation Client + Cloud applications. Recently I did a Webinar on The Flash Platform and Salesforce.com with Dave Carroll from Salesforce. If you missed it you can watch the recording to see how you can begin developing Client + Cloud apps. Also watch Jeff Douglas demo an offline case management app he built with Flex and Force.com. Awesome stuff!

Last week I was able to spend a few hours with Model Metrics porting their Pharma2GO Adobe AIR app to run on an Android Mobile device. Using the AIR for Android Prerelease we quickly created a mobile friendly UI with Flex and reused the same data sync code from the desktop app. Check out the end result:

Listen to what Model Metrics had to say about this in their blog “HTML 5 – Ready for Primetime in the Enterprise?”:

One of our early iPhone products on the iTunes AppStore was Search2GO, a simple search tool for Salesforce.com. This was built in Objective C and it took approximately 8 weeks to develop. Yesterday I watched two developers create over half of this same functionality using Flex/AIR and had it running on an Android phone in a day. Granted there are still things that could be added, but this was a great illustration of why Flex/AIR is a great toolset.

These are exciting times for Client + Cloud apps now that the “Client” can easily be on the web, desktop, and mobile device using the same technologies and tools!