Need a QuickFix? Try Google App Engine, Adobe AIR, and Flex

Last week I spent a few hours with Dick Wall of the Java Posse working on an application which combines Google App Engine, Adobe AIR, and Flex. This was a fun experiment that turned into a pretty cool application. The application, named QuickFix, sends an image to Google App Engine which does an “I’m Feeling Lucky” transformation on the image and sends it back. Here’s a screenshot of it fixing one of the photos I took at the Java Posse Roundup this past winter:

Rich-Client Misconceptions & Adobe’s Open Screen Project

Artima recently posted two interviews with me which relate to Flex. First is an interview about Adobe’s Open Screen Project. The second is called Rich-Client Misconceptions. Also Bruce Eckel recently posted a very interesting article on Artima called “Concurrency with Python, Twisted, and Flex”. Let me know what you think about those.

Upcoming Events: CodeMash, RIA Jam, Flex-TurboGears Jam

It’s hard to believe that 2007 is almost over. It’s been an amazing year! Thanks for reading and contributing. I’m looking forward to another great year in 2008. And it all begins when I hit the road the second week of January for CodeMash 2008. I went to CodeMash last year and really enjoyed the conference, especially the water slides. :) I’ll be speaking again at CodeMash 2008 about Adobe AIR and Flex.

Flex and TurboGears at CodeMash – DisplayShelf Widget

This past week I spoke at the CodeMash conference. It was a really great event full of stimulating conversation. Even more fun than trying to surf in the wave machine was an Open Spaces style session that Kevin Dangoor (creator of TurboGears) and I hosted. We had planned to just sneak off into a corner and turn Ely Greenfield‘s DisplayShelf component into a TurboGears Widget. However, word quickly spread that we were going to do this and everyone wanted to watch as we coded. We had a bunch of fellow geeks huddled around every spare laptop and monitor we could find. I shared my screen with VNC so that everyone could watch what Kevin and I were doing. It was by far the best geek-out session I have had in a long time! Check out a screenshot of the DisplayShelf widget in a TurboGears application, showing a picture of our geek-out session:

Continue reading to learn more about what we built, how we built it, and how you can use it…

Bruce Eckel is Thinking in Flex!

Update: You can download the source code for this screencast here. Recently Bruce Eckel and I had the chance to record a screencast of us pair programming with Flex & TurboGears: The results were great - a fantastic UI on top of a simple back-end! Both Bruce and I learned a lot creating this screencast and I hope you will enjoy watching it.