NoSQL Inside SQL with Java, Spring, Hibernate, and PostgreSQL

There are many benefits to schema-less NoSQL datastores, but there are always trade-offs. The primary gift the NoSQL movement has given us is the variety of options we now have for data persistence. With NoSQL we no longer must try to shoehorn everything into a relational model. Now the challenge is in deciding which persistence model fits best with each domain in a system and then combining those models in a cohesive way.

Flex 4, Hibernate 3, and Spring 3 Integration

Jon Rose and I have created a new DZone Refcard called Flex 4 and Spring 3 Integration. In the Refcard, we walk you through the steps for building RIAs with Flash Builder 4, Flex 4, BlazeDS 4, Spring 3, the Spring BlazeDS Integration, and Hibernate. Whew! That’s a lot of pieces! The Refcard covers simple Remoting, Flex & Hibernate integration through Spring (all Java annotation driven and using the new data-centric development features in Flash Builder 4), Pub / Sub Messaging, and Flex and Spring Security.

Flex 4, Java, Spring, and Hibernate in Flash Builder 4

UPDATE 1: Flash Builder 4, BlazeDS 4, and Spring 1.0.3 have all been release so you no longer have to use beta or nightly builds of these products. Use the production versions! UPDATE 2: A Refcard on Integrating Spring 3 and Flex 4, which I co-authored, is now available! It provides a step-by-step tutorial for setting up everything I show in the video below. Last week I posted a screencast that walks through the basics of connecting a Flex 4 application to a Java / Spring back-end with the new Data Wizards in Flash Builder 4.