Flash Platform

Tampa Bay Adobe Developer Event this Thursday

Adobe’s Enterprise Evangelism team including Greg Wilson, Christophe Coenraets, and myself are in Tampa, FL this week. On Thursday night we are rounding up the local geeks at Taverna Opa for free beers and drunken confabulation about Flex, The Flash Platform, and other topics that bore most normal people. Hope to see you there!

Flash Platform Partner Resources

The Flash Platform (Adobe AIR, Flash Player, Flex, etc.) has become a mainstream software development platform. This is very exciting but also leads to me getting a boat-load of email. That is great! I love hearing from the community and answering questions. I do respond to every email I get - even if it takes a year! I am frequently asked about partnerships. It seems that everyone who is building products or services related to the Flash Platform wants to know how they can help Adobe and how Adobe can help them.