Flash Platform Partner Resources

The Flash Platform (Adobe AIR, Flash Player, Flex, etc.) has become a mainstream software development platform. This is very exciting but also leads to me getting a boat-load of email. That is great! I love hearing from the community and answering questions. I do respond to every email I get - even if it takes a year! I am frequently asked about partnerships. It seems that everyone who is building products or services related to the Flash Platform wants to know how they can help Adobe and how Adobe can help them. I love getting these emails because as the ecosystem around the Flash Platform grows, the Platform itself grows. But due to my often high latency in responding to email I figured it would be good to document many of the Flash Platform Partner resources that are already out there. Here they are…

How to promote your offerings to the community

Customer Success Program

The Adobe Customer Success Program (CSP) works with innovators and business

leaders to highlight how organizations use and benefit from Adobe solutions.

Adobe Site of the Day

Developers can submit applications to be included in the Adobe Site of the Day. This

submission allows us to use it in other marketing areas, like the Edge newsletter.


Flex.org aggregates Flex news from a number of sources, and allows community

members to contribute their own content as well.

The Solution Partner Program

The Adobe Partner Program is designed for companies that provide solution-based

sales, system integration, services, or extended products based on Adobe technology.

Adobe AIR Marketplace

Adobe AIR Marketplace is a place where developers can publish their AIR applications for

users to download. Learn more.

Community blogs

Add your feed to the Adobe blog aggregator to make sure the community at-large is

receiving the latest news on your offerings. Additionally find active community members

including Adobe evangelists who may be interested in learning more. Learn more.

How to access software for evaluation and testing

Adobe Labs

Labs provides developers with the opportunity to experience and evaluate new and

emerging innovations, technologies, and products from Adobe. Learn more.

Adobe Prerelease Program

The goal of a Prerelease Program at Adobe is to solicit early feedback on new features

and bugs in order to produce a unique and bug-free product that can deliver maximum


The Solution Partner Program

How to get support and training

The Adobe Developer Connection

The ADC serves as the central resource for information on Adobe developer

technologies, providing tutorials, samples, and documentation to guide and instruct

developers. Learn more.

Adobe Support Programs

Flex, Flash, and AIR support programs for developers and enterprises include technical

help and information on planning, workflow, and deployment. Learn more.

Adobe Forums

Adobe Online Forums are for the Adobe community’s peer-to-peer discussions of both

Adobe and formerly Macromedia products.

Adobe Training and Certification

Whether you want to improve your skills, projects, or resume, Adobe training and

certification programs and resources can help you achieve your goals.

Adobe User Groups

Adobe Developer User Groups provide a forum of support and technology to web

professionals at all levels. Whether you’re a designer, a seasoned developer, or a beginner just

starting out, Adobe User Groups strengthen community, increase networking, unveil the

latest technology innovations, and reveal the techniques that turn novices into experts

and experts into gurus.

Solution Partner Program

Community Blogs

I hope that helps some of you. These programs will continue to grow and evolve. So please give us your feedback on how they are working for you. Also, don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions - I’ll respond as soon as possible! :)