Intuit Cloud Webinar on January 14

Edit: Whoops. It’s on the 14th not the 24th! Intuit’s Cloud / Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology called the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) has quickly matured into a first class Client + Cloud solution. Building a custom user interface with IPP is done through Flex. This is a perfect combination and opens many opportunities for developers to build and sell apps into Intuit’s extensive ecosystem. They are doing a Webinar on January 14 about what’s new in IPP v2.

Intuit Unites Flex RIAs and the Cloud

Normal computer users like my father know at least three software vendors: Microsoft, Adobe, and Intuit. Microsoft is known for Windows and Office, Adobe for PDF (Reader / Acrobat), and Intuit for Quicken and QuickBooks. Yet all three of these software vendors are changing. All are moving in two directions concurrently: rich Internet applications and the cloud. These two paradigm shifts are changing how developers build software but more importantly they are changing how people like my father experience and use software.