Flex on Android in Flash Player and AIR

This week at the Google I/O conference Adobe announced that a Flash Player 10.1 beta and an Adobe AIR prerelease are now available for Android devices. This is really exciting news for those of us building apps on the Flash Platform because now we can begin building apps in Flex for these mobile devices (and many others coming soon).

Take a look a some of the quick demos I’ve built with Flex running on Android in Flash Player and AIR:

You can get the source code for all of these demos from github.

Also Christophe Coenraets has posted some great Flex mobile demos. Check out his Employee Directory and Stock Trader demos.

These are very exciting times for developers!

If you want to check out the Flash Player 10.1 beta for Android it will be available in the Android Marketplace for Android 2.2 devices. You can try Adobe AIR for Android today by signing up for the prerelease.