Flex At Dreamforce 2009

This week I’m in San Francisco at Dreamforce - Salesforce.com’s yearly conference. It’s amazing to walk around the expo hall and see how much Flex is being used in enterprise products and services. Like last year I’ve been recording some videos of some of the great enterprise Flex apps here. Also Greg Wilson has been tweeting a few pics of some of these apps including right90 (update: now a video instead of a pic) and PivotLink with more to come.

Many of the Flex applications that people have built on top of Salesforce.com / Force.com today use the existing Flex Toolkit for Force.com. The new Flash Builder for Force.com tool today only supports desktop applications with Adobe AIR - but will also support web applications in the future. But you can still use the existing Toolkit within Flash Builder for Force.com. All you need to do is configure your project to use the Flex 3.4 SDK and add the force-flex.swc file to the project’s libs folder. That’s it!

If you aren’t at Dreamforce and want to learn about the new Flash Builder for Force.com then check out the recording from a webinar I co-presented a few weeks ago.