Adobe AIR

Around the World with Flex and Adobe AIR

Over the next few months I’ll be going around the world (literally) speaking about Flex and Adobe AIR. Here’s a quick rundown on where I’ll be: Wednesday March 25 in Las Vegas: TheServerSide Java Symposium - Co-presenting with Eddie O’Neil from BEA Thursday March 26 in Philadelphia: Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise - Porting from Web 1.0 to RIA in the Enterprise Thursday April 3 in Bangalore, India: Adobe RIA Architect Summit 2008 - Best Practices for Building Flex/AIR applications

Video: Flex 3 / Adobe AIR 1.0 Pre-release Tour

In case you missed the Flex 3 / Adobe AIR 1.0 Pre-release Tour that went on around the world in January you can watch a recording of the session Serge Jespers and I did in Amsterdam. It starts out in Dutch but soon switches to English. You can skip ahead by clicking on a topic on the bottom left, then clicking the “Bekijk deze sessie”. Let me know what you think.

3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF!

Today Adobe launched Flex 3 and Adobe AIR 1.0 – the most mature and comprehensive platform for Rich Internet Applications in existence. The news of the launch is everywhere but I wanted to point out a few of the most exciting things related to this launch. The Flex SDK and BlazeDS are now officially open source. InfoQ has published an interview with me on the Flex 3 launch. They have also posted an interview with Kevin Hoyt on the AIR 1.

Announcing the Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex

Almost a year ago I began working with Ron Hess and Dave Carroll from Salesforce on the Flex Toolkit for Apex - a port of the JavaScript libraries for’s web services. Since that time the toolkit has matured and been used in numerous production applications. Today I am pleased to announce the new Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex. This new toolkit build on the Flex Toolkit for Apex and adds additional functionality for the new Adobe AIR runtime for desktop RIAs.

Adobe AIR on Linux: Pre-Beta Testers Needed

Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime for deliverying rich Internet applications on the desktop. Developers using Flex, Flash, HTML, JavaScript, and Ajax can easily build applications for the desktop using Adobe AIR. As of today there have only been releases of Adobe AIR for Windows and Mac but Adobe is committed to also delivering a version for Linux. This is great news for developers like me who use Linux as their primary desktop operating system.

Upcoming Events: CodeMash, RIA Jam, Flex-TurboGears Jam

It’s hard to believe that 2007 is almost over. It’s been an amazing year! Thanks for reading and contributing. I’m looking forward to another great year in 2008. And it all begins when I hit the road the second week of January for CodeMash 2008. I went to CodeMash last year and really enjoyed the conference, especially the water slides. :) I’ll be speaking again at CodeMash 2008 about Adobe AIR and Flex.

Online Video Series: & Adobe

A few weeks ago I was able to participate in a Chalk Talk with and StakeWare. The session focused on how Rich Internet Applications, Flex, and Adobe AIR relate to the platform. With this combination of technologies companies like StakeWare can quickly build business applications that have rich user interfaces that work the same across browsers and operating systems. PodTech recorded the session and have split it into three parts [part1, part2, part3].

Speaking at CodeMash 2008: “RIAs – Beyond the Buzz”

I just received notification that I was accepted as a speaker for CodeMash 2008! This will be my second year speaking about Flex at CodeMash. Last year was a ton of fun! Between sessions we would head down to the indoor water park for an Open Spaces session on the Lazy River or for some great conversations while waiting in line to try surfing the standing wave. There were a ton of fun people at the conference and we even had some time to do an Open Spaces session on using Flex and TurboGears together.

My Dreamforce Keynote Demos

At’s 2007 developer conference, called Dreamforce, I did a few minutes of demos during the day two keynote with Marc Benioff and Bruce Chizen. I showed three real applications built with Flex, Adobe AIR, and It was a fun experience and I only had a few minor demo glitches. Thanks to PodTech the video is below. My demos are about four minutes in. Your browser does not support JavaScript.