3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF!

Today Adobe launched Flex 3 and Adobe AIR 1.0 – the most mature and comprehensive platform for Rich Internet Applications in existence.

The news of the launch is everywhere but I wanted to point out a few of the most exciting things related to this launch.

The Flex SDK and BlazeDS are now officially open source.

InfoQ has published an interview with me on the Flex 3 launch. They have also posted an interview with Kevin Hoyt on the AIR 1.0 launch as well as an overview of today’s announcements.

Salesforce.com and Adobe have launched the Force.com Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex.

Not really related to the launch but also very exciting – Chet Haase, Java Swing guru and co-author of Filthy Rich Clients has joined the Flex engineering team.

This launch is the biggest RIA launch ever! I can’t wait to see what you build with these awesome technologies!