Adobe AIR

Building an Adobe AIR application on with Flex 3

One of my old blogs has been turned into a full article on the Adobe Developer Connection and updated for Flex 3 Beta 2 & Adobe AIR Beta 2: Building an Adobe AIR application on with Flex 3 Also a recording of the session that I hosted at Dreamforce has been posted on the Apex Developer Network: Make Your App *Bling*: Build Amazing Salesforce Apps Using Adobe Tech. (click on “Apex & Beyond” then scroll down to the session)

What is a Rich Internet Application?

The more software experiences become like the natural world the more users are pleased with those experiences. One of the most powerful, understandable, and universal concepts in computing is the idea of a desktop containing files and folders. Users embraced this metaphor in their software because it modeled their natural world experience. There is a paradigm shift underway. In this shift, developers are creating user interfaces which more closely model the natural world.

Flex Builder for Linux!!!

I love vi. I’ve been doing Flex development on Linux for about three years - mostly with vi. But to be honest when building complex applications it is nice to have things like code hinting and integrated debugging. I’m sure you *could* make vi do that with Flex but I am not brave enough to attempt to figure that out. So I’m extremely excited that Adobe is releasing a version of Flex Builder for Linux!

Flex and AIR: The New Standard for Business Application UIs

Last week I attended Dreamforce,’s annual developer conference. It was exciting to see all the innovation going on with business applications. Much of that innovation is centered around Flex and Adobe AIR. In fact 18 of the 32 companies in the incubator are using Flex and AIR! Does that give you an idea of where the momentum is for companies building business applications? At the Dreamforce Day 2 keynote, Workday CEO Dave Duffield gave a demo of the new Flex-based interface to their ERP software.

Testing AIR Applications on Linux

*\* WARNING - THIS IS TOTALLY UNSUPPORTED, UNENDORSED, AND A COMPLETE HACK ** I tried for a while to get the actual Adobe AIR runtime installed via wine on Linux. But I wasn’t able to get it to work. Then I realized that I don’t really need the whole runtime to just test my AIR applications. All I need is ADL - the testing tool for AIR applications. So I gave it a try on a Salesforce.

Flex & Ajax Developers: 8 Days Left to Win a $100,000 Vacation

Step 1) Build a kick-a AIR application with Flex and/or Ajax Step 2) Submit it to the AIR Developer Derby contest Step 3) ??? Step 4) Profit! Unfortunately I can’t participate because I’m an Adobe employee. But I wish you good luck and if you win please let me know if you need a travel companion (or 2 because we should take my wife too). :)

Pot of Gold at the Flex / AIR Jam

This week I have been in Crested Butte, Colorado at the Flex / AIR Jam. It’s been a great event for everyone. Those new to Flex have learned a ton and those with more experience have been able to extend their knowledge by working on real projects. Over the past two days I’ve made considerable progress on two different projects. One project is the new version of the Census - RIA Benchmark app.

Adobe MAX 2007 – It’s about the people

For those who don’t know, MAX is Adobe’s yearly developer conference for products including Flex and AIR. There will be tons of great presentations by many of our engineers. Beyond the presentations what I enjoy most is the social aspect. It’s the conversations that happen between the customers, evangelists, engineers, pm’s, execs, etc that make MAX great. I hope that you will be able to join the conversation that will happen at Adobe MAX 2007.

Flex/AIR Jam & RIA Summit – Last Day for Early Bird Discount

Today is the last day you will be able to get the early bird discount on the Flex/AIR Jam and RIA Summit conferences in Crested Butte. Also, attendees of the Flex/AIR Jam will get a free copy of Flex Builder! The Jam will be a fantastic way to learn how to use or extend your knowledge of Flex and AIR. Bring your laptop and spend two days of hands-on, coached coding.

Tutorial: on AIR with Flex 3

This tutorial has been updated to Flex 3 Beta 2. The new version is now on the Adobe Developer Connection: Building a standalone Adobe AIR application on with Flex 3 The excitement around using Flex & AIR to build amazing front-ends for Salesforce applications continues to grow. Nitobi has posted [a cool AIR application][1] that uses the Salesforce Ajax library. Also Dave Carroll of Salesforce has posted [a great blog][2] about why Flex & AIR developers should care about the Apex platform.