My Upcoming Flex Sessions in Atlanta – DevNexus and Atlanta Flex User Group

In a few weeks I’ll be speaking in Atlanta at DevNexus and at the Atlanta Flex User Group. On March 21, 2011 at DevNexus I have two sessions: AS34J - ActionScript for Java Developers Rapid Mobile & Tablet App Development with Spring and Flex On March 22, 2011 at the Atlanta Flex User Group I will be presenting about Flex 4.5 - The Non-Mobile New Features. I hope to see you at DevNexus and at the Atlanta Flex User Group!

Integrating Flex and Java EE with JBoss

Flex and Java have always fit together very nicely. Connecting from Flex to a Java back-end is pretty straightforward whether you are using plain old Java beans, Spring beans, or EJB session beans. I’ve created a video and some sample code that shows you how to connect Flex to a Java EE system using BlazeDS. This video walks though a real-time collaborative Whiteboard application that runs in the browser, on the desktop, and on mobile devices.

Testing Flex Apps with FlexMonkey Reloaded

Whether or not you use a tool to test your Flex apps, you are repeatedly testing your application. Doing this by hand is a pain: start the app, click through some stuff, verify the result is what you expected, makes some changes to your code and then do it all again. The open source FlexMonkey tool automates that process so you don’t have to keep doing those steps manually. FlexMonkey works with Flex applications that run in the browser (Flash Player) as well as on the desktop (Adobe AIR).

Flex Jam February 2011 – Learn Flex in Ann Arbor

In a few weeks I’ll be in Ann Arbor, MI to lead a Flex Jam hosted by SRT Solutions. Code Jams give you the opportunity to learn by doing. So bring your laptop and come join us in Ann Arbor! Here is the full description of the event: Join SRT Solutions as we host James Ward, Adobe Flex evangelist, from Tuesday, February 15 through Thursday February 17 for 3 interactive days of Flex (and AIR) development and exploration.

Building Cross-Device Apps with Flex and Spring at the Detroit JUG

On February 15, 2011 I’ll be presenting at the Detroit Java User Group about Building Cross-Device Apps with Flex and Spring. If you live in the Detroit area then I hope to see you there! If not, then talk to your local Java User Group leader about having me come and speak. Here is the abstract for the talk: Today, users want apps in the browser, on their desktop, phone, tablet, and TV.

Integrating Flex/Flash with HTML5 APIs

Beyond the media hype about Flash versus HTML5 exists the reality of coexistence and cooperation. This coexistence and cooperation makes the web a better place. When developers combine the strengths of Flash with the strengths of HTML, users get the best possible experiences on the web. Both HTML and Flash are important foundations that Adobe builds its products on. Here’s a little secret about Adobe’s business model… When new versions of those platforms come out, so do new versions of the tools for building on them.

P2P in Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Flex Apps

Using the open source Flex SDK, developers can easily build desktop, mobile, and tablet applications that use Peer to Peer (P2P) communication. I’ve created a video that walks through demos and code illustrating how to use the P2P APIs in Adobe AIR applications. Check it out: Grab the code for the demos in the video from github: P2Pong P2Hancock (Signature capture over P2P) Just as the video shows, it’s incredibly easy to use the P2P APIs.

Dreamforce 2010 and Cloudstock

I’ll be speaking at Dreamforce again this year! I have two sessions that are going to be super fun! First is a panel called “Cloud Mobility: Taking Critical Business Functions With You, Whenever, Wherever” on Wednesday at 3:15 PM. Then on Thursday at 11am I’ll be co-presenting a session on “Building Rich User Interfaces with Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com” with Markus Spohn from Salesforce.com. Preceding Dreamforce is the Cloudstock event where you can see some other great presentations related to Flex and RIAs.

HTML5 Live in New York and RIA Unleashed in Boston

I’ll be speaking at two great events next week on the East Coast. First up is HTML5 Live in New York on Tuesday November 9th. At HTML5 Live I’ll be talking about “Development Tools for Building HTML5 Content & Applications”. Then on Friday November 12th I’ll be at RIA Unleashed in Boston talking about “Flex 4.5 Hero”. These two events will certainly be enlightening. :) I hope to see you there!

Tour de Mobile Flex – Now Available for Android!

Tour de Flex was launched at Adobe MAX two years ago. In that time Tour de Flex has become an essential resource for learning Flex. Now that you can build Flex apps for mobile devices with the Flex Hero prerelease we thought we should build a version of Tour de Flex for mobile devices. Using Flex Hero and AIR for Android we’ve created Tour de Mobile Flex! This is a great way to explore the capabilities of Adobe AIR and Flex on mobile devices.