Tour de Mobile Flex – Now Available for Android!

Tour de Flex was launched at Adobe MAX two years ago. In that time Tour de Flex has become an essential resource for learning Flex. Now that you can build Flex apps for mobile devices with the Flex Hero prerelease we thought we should build a version of Tour de Flex for mobile devices. Using Flex Hero and AIR for Android we’ve created Tour de Mobile Flex! This is a great way to explore the capabilities of Adobe AIR and Flex on mobile devices. Get it from the Android Market by searching for “Tour de Mobile Flex”!

Download the Tour de Mobile Flex Flash Builder Project (FXP) or get the code from github. And let me know what you think!

UPDATE: To compile the latest code on github you will need the latest private prerelease of Flash Builder. You can get more information about the private prerelease on the Flex Team Blog.