Screencast: Watch a Flex app built in 11 minutes

[Update: This screencast has been updated for Flex 3. Read more about it here.]

Many times I am asked “Where do I start learning about Flex?”. Most of the time I point them to as a starting point. However it is often just easier to see the product in action. So I recorded a screencast of me building a simple Flex app with Flex Builder. Here it is:

I hope this is helpful to those of you new to Flex. After you watch the screencast, download Flex Builder and give it a try. If you find yourself saying things like “Wow! Coding is fun again!” or “I had no idea RIA programming was so easy!”, Welcome to Flexland! A few years ago I found myself in Flexland and to me it’s like being in the mountains… Once you are there, you never want to be anywhere else. :)