Flex Widgets from WidgetsLive!

This morning I had the opportunity to present at the WidgetsLive! Conference about Flex and widgets. I showed a few examples using Ely Greenfield’s DisplayShelf component. One example pulled in images from Flickr. Check out the demo and the code. I also was thinking it would be cool to throw some YouTube videos into the DisplayShelf component. After a few minutes I was able to make it work with the exception that I couldn’t get the reflection to not flicker during video playback. I’ll need to get help from Ely to fix that, so for now I’ve disabled the real-time reflector. You can see the demo of the YouTube DisplayShelf widget and get the code. I also quickly turned one of the Display Shelf apps into an desktop widget using Apollo. I hope all the attendees enjoyed the session and for those who weren’t there, enjoy the demos!