Building Reactive Apps with the Typesafe Platform

It is becoming pretty clear that Reactive is the next big thing in software. But there aren’t very many resources yet about how to actually build a Reactive application. Recently I hosted a webinar about “Building Reactive Apps with the Typesafe Platform” where I tried to explain Reactive in a tangible way using the Reactive Stocks sample app from Typesafe Activator. Here is the recording of that presentation: Let me know what you think.

Scala Summit 2013

This summer Bruce Eckel will be hosting the Scala Summit in Crested Butte on August 19 - 21. I’ve been to many of Bruce’s events and they are my favorites. The hallway conversations at regular conferences are always the best and most educational part, so why not have a conference that is just the interactive bits? The OpenSpaces style is only interactive. The agenda at an OpenSpaces conference is determined by the attendees.

DeveloperWeek 2013: Modern Web Apps With Scala and Play

Tomorrow (February 5, 2013) I will be presenting about Modern Web Apps With Scala and Play at DeveloperWeek in San Francisco. Here is the session description: The web application architecture is rapidly evolving to accommodate mobile, more interactive experiences, integrated real-time, and service composition. This session will teach you how to build modern web applications using Play Framework and Scala. You will learn the end-to-end architecture including: non-blocking service composition, RESTful JSON endpoints, single page UIs, and real-time push.

Getting Started with Play 2, Scala, and Squeryl

My friend Ryan Knight and I co-authored an article which has just been published on Artima: Getting Started with Play 2, Scala, and Squeryl. This article will help you get started building a Play 2 application from scratch that uses Scala and Squeryl for ORM. The article also covers how use ScalaTest, JSON, jQuery, CoffeeScript, and deployment on Heroku. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Tutorial: Play Framework 2 with Scala, Anorm, JSON, CoffeeScript, jQuery & Heroku

Play Framework 2 RC2 has been released and it is quickly becoming a mature and productive way to build modern web apps. Lets walk through building a quick app with Play 2, Scala, Anorm, JSON, CoffeeScript, and jQuery. Once the app works locally we will deploy it on the cloud with Heroku. (Note: This is the Play 2 + Scala version of my Play 1 + Java tutorial.) You can grab the completed source from GitHub.

Heroku Java UG Tour: Seattle, Gainesville, and Orlando

My Java User Group Tour continues this week in Seattle, Gainesville, and Orlando. I’ll be presenting about how to run Java, Play Framework, and Scala apps on the Cloud. Check out the JUG sites for details: Tuesday February 21 in Seattle Wednesday February 22 at the Gator JUG Thursday February 23 in Orlando Hope to see you there!

Video: Java, Play Framework & Scala Apps on Heroku

If you haven’t been able to make it to one of my Java User Group talks about Heroku but you want to see the presentation, then you are in luck! The Portland JUG recorded my talk on Running Java, Play Framework, and Scala Apps on the Cloud with Heroku. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!