Play Framework 2 & HTML5 on Heroku at Philly ETE and Devoxx Paris

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a few presentations about Java, Scala, Play Framework 2, HTML5, and Heroku: Wednesday April 11 @ 11:30am - Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise (Philedephia, PA) - HTML5 Apps in Java & Scala with the Play Framework Wednesday April 18 @ 13:30 - Devoxx (Paris, France) - Developing, Deploying and Scaling in the Cloud with Play Thursday April 19 @ 14:30 - Devoxx (Paris, France) - Client/Server Apps with HTML5 and Java

Java on Heroku at NH JUG and DevNexus 2012

This week I’ll will be doing a few presentations about running Java and Play apps on Heroku: Portsmouth, NH on Tuesday March 20 @ 6:30pm - Running Java, Play! and Scala Apps on the Cloud DevNexus in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday March 21 @ 2:30pm - Introduction to Heroku DevNexus in Atlanta, GA on Thursday March 22 @ 2:30pm - Intro to Play Framework Hope to see you there!

Screencast: Java Template Apps on Heroku

Today Heroku launched a new way to get started deploying Java apps on the cloud. There are four different template apps you can start with including a Spring + Hibernate + Tomcat app, a Containerless Jetty app, a Play! app, and a JAX-RS app. Pick a template and with a few clicks a copy of the template will be deployed on Heroku - just for you! Get started at:heroku.com/java Here is a screencast that walks through the steps to deploy a new Java template app on Heroku, then setup SSH authentication (for pulling and pushing code with git), pull the code into Eclipse, make a change, and push the changes back to Heroku.

Java on Heroku Next Week at Cloudstock 2012

Next week in San Francisco at Cloudstock 2012 I will be doing a presentation called “Introduction to Heroku: Building Next Generation Apps”. Here is the session description: Many emerging technology trends like PaaS, HTML5, mobile apps, API-driven development, and continuous deployment are changing the way we build and deliver software. Heroku is a polyglot cloud application platform at the forefront of these trends. This introductory session will teach you what Heroku is and how you can use it to build next-generation apps that make software delivery more efficient and scalable.

Heroku Java UG Tour: Seattle, Gainesville, and Orlando

My Java User Group Tour continues this week in Seattle, Gainesville, and Orlando. I’ll be presenting about how to run Java, Play Framework, and Scala apps on the Cloud. Check out the JUG sites for details: Tuesday February 21 in Seattle Wednesday February 22 at the Gator JUG Thursday February 23 in Orlando Hope to see you there!

Video: Java, Play Framework & Scala Apps on Heroku

If you haven’t been able to make it to one of my Java User Group talks about Heroku but you want to see the presentation, then you are in luck! The Portland JUG recorded my talk on Running Java, Play Framework, and Scala Apps on the Cloud with Heroku. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!

Video: Spring Roo and Grails Apps on the Cloud

At SpringOne 2GX I did a presentation about running Spring Roo (really Spring anything) and Grails apps on the cloud with Heroku. A video recording of my session has been posted on InfoQ. If you want to try out Spring Roo or Grails on Heroku then one way is to deploy a copy of one of the demos I showed. I’ve created a little app that makes that easy. Just go to java.

Deploy Containerless Tapestry Apps on Heroku

Recently I spent some time with Howard Lewis Ship, creator of the Apache Tapestry web framework. Howard is a technical rock star so it was really fun to sit down with him and hack on some code. Our goal was to make it easy for people to run their Tapestry apps on the cloud with Heroku. You can run anything on Heroku so there are a variety of ways to run Tapestry apps on Heroku.

Run Grails on the Cloud with Heroku

Support for Grails on Heroku was recently announced and I’d like to walk you through the steps to create a simple Grails app and then deploy it on the cloud with Heroku. Before you get started install Grails 2.0.0, install the Heroku toolbelt, install git, and signup for a Heroku.com account. Don’t worry, you won’t need to enter a credit card to give this a try because Heroku gives you 750 free dyno hours per application, per month.

Heroku at Jfokus and Spring I/O 2012

In just a few weeks I’ll be over in Europe presenting about Heroku at two fantastic Java conferences. First up is Jfokus in Stockholm! On February 14 at 20:00 I will be leading a Cloud Conversations BoF. Then on February 15 at 11:10 I will be speaking about how to “git push” Java & Play! Apps to the Cloud. This will be my first time speaking at Jfokus and I’m really excited because I’ve heard such great things.