Drunk on Software

Drunk on Software – Flex for Managers and Architects

Episode 6 of the Drunk on Software video podcast is now available! This one is a bit long but dives into a lot of good information. I frequently get the same sorts of questions from developers, IT managers, and architects about Flex. Jon and I discuss those questions in this episode. Let us know what you think!

Drunk on Software Episode 3 – Performance Pitfalls of Flex’s ArrayCollection

Jon and I have posted Episode 3 of the Drunk on Software video podcast. In this episode we talk about some of the real world performance issues with Flex’s ArrayCollection. We’ve also created a few demos which illustrate how in some cases ArrayCollection is 26 times slower than Array: Instancing Array vs ArrayCollection Performance (view source) Adding items to Array vs ArrayCollection Performance (view source) Let us know what you think.

Lets all get Drunk on Software!

On a recent dreary Saturday afternoon in Denver my friend Jon Rose and I decided to give the video podcasting thing a try. The first episode is about the changes to the recently released Flash Player 10 that will impact software developers (primarily those of the Flex persuasion). When preparing to record the interview we decided to break out the Glenlivet. One thing led to another and somehow we came up with the name “Drunk on Software” as a cheap ripoff of the popular “Joel on Software” blog.