Adobe AIR

Oracle CRM Gadgets using Adobe AIR and Flex

Oliver Marks is reporting that Oracle has released five new CRM Gadgets built using Adobe AIR and Flex! At Oracle OpenWorld 2008 I had the chance to record a video of these new gadgets. Check it out: This is a great innovation in the usually boring CRM software space. Great job Oracle!

Take the Tour de Flex

Over the past few months Greg Wilson, Christophe Coenraets, and myself have been hard at work on a secret project. So today we are proud to announce the new Tour de Flex has just gone live! Tour de Flex showcases the capabilities of Flex, BlazeDS, LCDS, Adobe AIR, and Flash Player (now collectively called the Adobe Flash Platform). Like the old Flex Component Explorer, Tour de Flex can be used to find components.

Flex at Dreamforce 2008

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’ll be at’s Dreamforce conference next week in San Francisco. On Tuesday I’ll be co-presenting a session on using Adobe AIR and Flex with The rest of the time I’ll probably be in the developer lounge hacking on Flex code. Stop by and say hello!

Adobe AIR and Flex in Amsterdam

In a few weeks I’ll be over in Amsterdam for JFall and FlexCamp. Both events will have some new and exciting presentations about Adobe AIR and Flex. At JFall I’ll be presenting “The Future of the Open Source Flex SDK” and at the FlexCamp I’ll be presenting “Gumbo, what will bring Flex4 to us”. I hope to see you there!

Flex in Denmark

Next week I’ll be in Denmark for a few Flex presentations at JAOO and at the local university: Architecture of a Rich Internet Application (RIA) with Josh Holmes Developing RIAs using Adobe AIR & Flex Data Synchronization for Rich Internet Applications Oct 1st Presentation at the University Hopefully I will see some of you there!

Beta Available: Adobe AIR 1.1 for Linux

Having used Linux as my primary desktop for over ten years I can’t help but be a bit jealous of all the great software Windows and Mac users have available to them. But I can’t really blame the software creators for focusing on only those platforms. It’s just purely economics. The cost / benefit of making software work on Linux just isn’t there for most consumer software. What we have always dreamed of is “Write Once, Run Anywhere”.

Thinking in Flex with Bruce Eckel

Last year at JavaPolis Bruce Eckel, Christoph Rooms, and I did a keynote about Flex. That talk has been posted on (which btw is an awesome Flex app!). You can watch it there, in their Adobe AIR application, or right here using the new Share (beta) widget. If you have any problems watching it here please let me know or file a bug. Thanks!