Intro to Multi-Sensory Applications

Recently Christophe Coenraets and I put together some thoughts on what we are calling “Multi-Sensory Applications” - a new way to think about how we build more deeply connected and engaging software. These news types of applications go way beyond typical CRUD apps by composing together a fabric of inputs (senses) and weaving them together through transducers. Here is a short demo of a very simple MSA that I built to show how IoT devices can be connected with back-office business processes:

If you’d like to dive further into the architecture and code for this demo, check out a blog I wrote: Building Multi-Sensory Apps that Connect IoT to Business Processes.

This is only the beginning of a series of blogs and example apps that Christophe and I will be building to illustrate how software is becoming more connected and engaging. My next MSA example app will dive into the Big Data, Lambda Architecture, and Machine Learning aspects of Multi-Sensory Applications. So stay tuned!