Goodbye Java Posse Roundup – Hello WTF 2015

For the past 8 (maybe 9?) years the absolute best yearly conference I’ve attended has been The Java Posse Roundup in Crested Butte, Colorado. At most conferences my favorite parts are the conversations at the bar and writing code with other attendees. The Java Posse Roundup has always been a conference just of those best parts.

Even though The Java Posse is no-more, the Java Posse Roundup will live on as the Winter Tech Forum. I’m sure that many of the same developers will come since it has been a yearly pilgrimage for many. But hopefully the new name helps bring an even more diverse audience this year.

This year I’m looking forward to doing more with IoT and Salesforce. A few years ago Matt Raible and I built a shot ski so maybe this year we can build a smart shot ski that connects to an auto-reordering system. :)

Hope to see you there!