Building JavaScript Client Apps with gulp

Yesterday I started playing around with gulp which is a build tool for JavaScript applications. My goal was to have a build for a fully client-side application built with AngularJS and Bootstrap. In modern JavaScript apps we now need a build tool to compile various pieces, manage libraries, do production transformations (like minification), and to provide a nice development cycle when working on a project. I created a Gulp Starter project that has the following:

  • Very simple example AngularJS & Bootstrap app
  • Asset pipeline for LESS, JavaScript, images, and HTML that does basic compilation and syntax checking in development mode and minification for production mode
  • Development server with LiveReload integration
  • Production server used to test the production assets
  • Transparent Bower integration (for managing client-side dependencies)

Check out a seven minute walk-through of the Gulp Starter project:

Now to get started check out the README in the Gulp Starter GitHub project.

I’m new to this world so I’d love any feedback you have. Thanks!