WebJars Took Off in 2013

A little over a year ago I launched WebJars with the goal of bringing some simplicity and sanity to how client-side JavaScript and CSS libraries are used in the JVM ecosystem. Since then WebJars has grown to 237 libraries and around 40,000 downloads per month! Check out the stats from Maven Central:

Note: It seems that some of the download stats for September are counted as October since averaging the two produces a more likely curve.

In the past year not only has the number of WebJars grown but the number of JVM web frameworks that support WebJars has also grown. There are now nine documented approaches for using WebJars in Play Framework, Servlet 3 containers, JSF, Grails, Dropwizard, Spring MVC, Apache Tapestry, Apache Wicket, and Ring (Clojure). The community has really stepped up to help support the effort by contributing documentation, new WebJars, and version bumps.

2013 was a great year for WebJars! A huge thanks to everyone who contributed. Lets hit 100k downloads a month in 2014!