JavaOne 2013 Hackathon, Presos & Webinar

Next week I will be at and around JavaOne for a number of events and presentations. Here they are:

On Monday I will be leading a BYOL Hackathon at the new Typesafe office, followed by a roundtable discussion and a party. RSVP now to get a spot!

On Tuesday at JavaOne I will be presenting two sessions:

Web Fundamentals

Many of us have worked with abstractions over Web technologies such as HTTP, but REST, HTML5, and WebSocket are requiring us to understand how the Web really works. What actually happens when a Web browser opens a Web page? What is the connection between session state and cookies? How do HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together? This session starts at the beginning and walks through the Web’s fundamental building blocks.

Play Framework Versus Grails Smackdown with Matt Raible

This session’s speakers have developed two apps that do the same thing. One was built with Grails and the other with Play Framework. The presentation walks through the differences between the two frameworks in the context of the real-world “UberTracks” application. You will learn about the frameworks and their differences, including performance, lines of code, scalability, and ecosystems.

On Wednesday I’m presenting a webinar: A Java Developer’s Primer to the Typesafe Platform

It is going to be an awesome week!