Using Apache Tomcat on Heroku

One great thing about Heroku is the freedom to use any APIs and any application server. On Heroku you bring your application server with you. The easiest way to do this is by specifying your app server as a dependency of your application. This allows for maximum control and avoids the pain associated with developer and production environments using different versions of the container.

Most of the articles that have been written about running Java on Heroku use embedded Jetty since it’s lightweight and easy to specify as a dependency. But you can also use Apache Tomcat in the same way. There is now a great article on the Heroku Dev Center that walks you through how to do it. Check it out:

Create a Java Web Application using Embedded Tomcat

If you want to get started with a simple demo application on Heroku then try a little app that I’m working on:

Just select the demo you want (like “Simple Web App with Maven and Tomcat”), put in your email address, and a clone of the demo will be created and deployed on Heroku that is all yours to play with. Let me know what you think. Thanks!