Heroku Java User Group Tour Part 1: Los Angeles and Salt Lake City

This week I’m starting a Java User Group tour where I’ll be travelling to JUGs around the US (or maybe world). On the tour I’ll be giving a talk about Running Java, Play! and Scala Apps on the Cloud. Here is the description:

Heroku is a Polyglot Cloud Application Platform that makes it easy to deploy Java, Play! and Scala apps on the cloud. Deployment is as simple as doing a “git push”. This session will teach you how to instantly deploy and scale Java, Play! and Scala apps on Heroku.

I’m still scheduling JUGs but here are the first two I’ll be doing:

There will be more to come and if you’d like this talk at your local Java User Group, let your leader know and have them email me: jw heroku com

Hopefully see you at your local JUG!