My JavaOne 2010 Sessions

Next week at JavaOne 2010 I’ll be co-presenting two sessions! On Monday Jeremy Grelle and I will present “End-to-End Richness: Integrating Java EE Services to Create Engaging RIAs” at the Hilton San Francisco. Here is the session information:

Session ID: S313939

Abstract: Flex is one of the most widely used tools for building RIAs. But how do you efficiently connect applications to diverse back-end services built on Java EE? The Spring BlazeDS Integration project has emerged as an effective solution for building a lightweight connective tissue for exposing rich Java EE services to a Flex client from any Java Servlet container. Aimed at experienced Java developers who want to make maximum use of their knowledge of Spring and Java EE to build a compelling integrated experience, this session covers:

  • Connecting services built with Spring and Java EE APIs (JPA, JMS, JAX-WS, and JAX-RS) to a Flex client
  • Using DI techniques to configure and expose RPC and pub/sub endpoints
  • Applying a rich security model

Time and Location: Monday, September 20, 16:00 | Hilton San Francisco, Golden Gate 3

On Thursday Greg Wilson and I will be present “Making Real-Time Data Come Alive”. Here is the session information:

Session ID: S313543

Abstract: Using a combination of Java, JMS, and Flash, data can be visualized in real time on a client. Real-time visualizations can be in dashboards, heat maps, charts, and numerous other interactive controls. Intended for developers looking to create applications with real-time data visualizations, this session will show how to set up a system that pushes real-time messages to a client from a Java EE server and how to create a rich internet application that renders the data. It will demonstrate how to:

  • Configure a Java EE system that can push JMS messages to a client in real-time or near real-time
  • Build a Flash client application that renders data from the server
  • Connect a client to messages using HTTP Streaming and HTTP Long Polling

Time and Location: Thursday, September 23, 15:30 | Parc 55, Cyril Magnin II

If you are at JavaOne then I hope to see you at one of these sessions!