Tour de Flex 2.0 – Nearly 500 Flex Examples!

Adobe has just launched the new AIR 2 based Tour de Flex version 2.0 which now contains almost 500 Flex examples! The new version has new AIR 2 examples (only available in the AIR version of Tour de Flex) including:

  • File Promises
  • Mass Storage Detection
  • Native Process
  • Open with default app
  • Socket Server

Also there are some great examples of the new Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 APIs including:

  • Gestures
  • Global Error Handler
  • Globalization / Internationalization
  • Microphone access

Those are some great examples but my favorite is still Doug McCune’s Physics Form followed closely by the real-time Tour de Flex Dashboard. :)

If you already have Tour de Flex installed then it should auto update to the latest version when you launch it. Otherwise install it now using the badge installer below.