Flex 4 is Here! Go forth and build better software!

Flex 4 and its counterpart, Flash Builder 4, are now publicly available! We’ve also launched a new flex.org and added a ton of new Flex 4 samples in Tour de Flex!

Rich Internet Applications are the next generation of software. For the first time in the history of software the goal is not to simply collect or interpret data, but to make those tasks productive and simple. RIAs move us up the hierarchy of user and business needs. It is unproductive to change technologies and create the same old stuff. We change technologies because they provide new value like closing more deals, reducing task completion time, or gaining customer loyalty.

I got into Flex 1.0 about six years ago because I could more easily deliver usable software with Flex than I could with any other technology. A key aspect to creating more usable software is working with designers. The new Spark component model in Flex 4 sets the foundation for developers and designers to work more closely together using tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Flash Catalyst. This is what sets Adobe apart in the RIA landscape. Designers use Adobe’s creative products. The key to building better software is creating ways for designers to more easily work with developers.

By bringing together designers and developers, Flex 4 enables a world of better software! I’m truly excited to see the amazing things you will build with Flex!