Flex Builder 3 on Eclipse 3.5

UPDATE: Flash Builder 4 (the new version of Flex Builder) officially supports Eclipse 3.5. Download Flash Builder 4.

I recently tried to upgrade to Eclipse 3.5 on my Ubuntu Linux desktop. Unfortunately this caused some problems with the Flex Builder 3 for Linux alpha 4. According to the stack traces in Eclipse the main problems seemed to stem from the com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.compiler.internal.ProblemManager class. So I decided to re-write that class from scratch to see if I could make the problems go away. My new implementation of ProblemManager seems to have fixed the issues that I was seeing. I’ve only tested this on Linux so I’m not sure if it will fix any problems on Mac or Windows. Here are the instructions for fixing the problems with Flex Builder 3 on Eclipse 3.5 on Linux:

  1. Make sure you have installed Eclipse 3.5 and the Flex Builder 4 for Linux alpha 4
  2. Download the ProblemManager patch
  3. Unzip the ProblemManager patch file
  4. Locate where Flex Builder is installed - in my case: ~/flex_stuff/Adobe_Flex_Builder_Linux
  5. Update the com/adobe/flexbuilder/project/compiler/internal/ProblemManager.class file in /eclipse/plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.204732/zornproject.jar with the file extracted from the patch
  6. Start Eclipse 3.5
  7. Smile!

UPDATE: Instructions for Windows were posted on InsideRIA by Mike Slinn. Thanks Mike!

So far this works for me. But I’m sure there are some problems I haven’t discovered with it yet. So please let me know if you have any problems. Also if someone wants to check this on Windows or Mac let me know if it works there. If not then feel free to update the ProblemManager.java class so that it does work.

DISCLAIMER: This patch is totally unsupported by Adobe. Use at your own risk.