Video – Sexy Apps with Flex

While I was attending the Java Posse Roundup 2009 I was able to give a 5-minute Lightning Talk about Flex. There are now so many amazing things to show with Flex that it’s really hard to narrow down what will be the most compelling. In past years I showed more code and useful things. But this year I wanted to just make people’s jaws drop.

First I showed the Tour de Flex application to encourage all of the attendees to go explore some great Flex components on their own. I also wanted to show off the new 3D APIs in Flash Player 10 so I showed Justin Everett Church’s Cloth Demo. Then I showed a prototype of an Adobe AIR based catalog for the Anthropologie women’s clothing store.

At the end I really wanted to WOW everyone so I showed some of the FLARToolkit demos followed by a custom application that I built using the FLARToolkit. The application I built scrolls up and down in a datagrid using the position of a marker which is being captured by the web cam. It’s hard to explain so you will just have to check out the video. Let me know what you think.