Get The Tour de Flex DVD

The Adobe Platform Evangelism team has created a DVD so that everyone can take the Tour de Flex! Included in the DVD is:

If you or someone you love needs to experience Flex…

If you attend a user group with members that need to behold the beauty of Flex…

If you have friends / colleagues that have not yet experienced the joy of Flex…

… Then please email gwilson at adobe dot com with the subject of “Flex DVD” and with the following info:

  • Your mailing address
  • Number of DVDs you need
  • Reason you need so many
  • Reason you don’t need more
  • Reason you still have a DVD player in your computer (come on people it’s 2009!)

We hope that this will help every developer, every where, experience the love of Flex.

UPDATE: For now the DVD is only available in the US. More details on Greg Wilson’s blog.