RIA Cowboy Videos – Neotys – Flex Load Testing

Since I’m frequently at conferences meeting cool people I thought it would be fun to start recording videos of some of the great things I get to see in my travels. For lack of a more creative title I’m just calling these “RIA Cowboy Videos”. This first video is from AjaxWorld 2008 where I had the guys from Neotys talk about and show off their product NeoLoad, that load tests Flex applications. Interestingly I just watched a screencast by the Farata Systems guys where they used NeoLoad to load test BlazeDS on Jetty using the new Servlet 3 NIO stuff. Detailed article here.

Here’s the video. Let me know what you think!

BTW: I’m a total video novice so the quality of these videos will hopefully improve over time. I’ve already purchased a new Bluetooth mic, which should improve the sound quality in future videos.