Flex and Seam at JavaOne 2008

There will be numerous mini-sessions happening this year at the Adobe booth at JavaOne 2008. I’ll be doing a “Building High Performance RIAs” session and a “The Open Source RIA Stack” session. Chet Haase will be doing a “Filthy Rich [Flex] Clients” session. Bob Tierney will be doing a “LiveCycle Data Services” session and a “LiveCycle and BEA” session. Duane Nickull will also be doing sessions. We also have one guest presenter, Igor Polevoy from Exadel, who will be demonstrating Flex and Seam integration with Flamingo. Igor’s session will be at 1pm on Tuesday. Other session times are TBD - so stop by the booth on Tuesday to pickup a schedule. Also, make sure that you come to the Filthy Rich [Flex] Clients session with Stephan Jansen (of Parleys.com and JavaPolis), Chet Haase, and myself which precedes the Adobe party on Wednesday night. Stop by the booth to pickup an invite. See you there!

*\* Quick Update: Duane will also be doing a hands-on Flex and AIR session at CommunityOne on Monday at noon. I’ll be doing a Lightning Talk at noon and hanging out with the RedMonk folks at CommunityOne. **