Count on Flex – 1,117,019

1,117,019 = Number of Lines of Open Source code for Flex, BlazeDS, and Tamarin.

200,897 lines in the flex_sdk

218,789 lines in blazeds

353,644 lines in tamarin-central

343,689 lines in tamarin-tracing

That’s 1,117,019 more reasons you can Count on Flex!

“Count on Flex” is a series of blogs about the current state of the Flex ecosystem… by the numbers.

For this post I did a very basic calculation which doesn’t factor out comments and licenses. For the Flex SDK and BlazeDS I used this command:

find . \( -name "*.java" -or -name "*.as" -or -name "*.mxml" -or -name "*.css" \)|xargs wc -l

And for the two Tamarin projects I used this command:

find . \( -name "*.py" -or -name "*.as" -or -name "*.cpp" -or -name "*.h" -or -name "*.es" \)|xargs wc -l