From Tags to Riches: Going from Web 1.0 to Flex

An article titled “From Tags to Riches: Going from Web 1.0 to Flex” which I co-authored with Shashank Tiwari has been published on InfoQ. In the article, Shashank and I walk through the steps needed to port a traditional HTML-based application to Flex. We use the Java-based Pentaho BI Dashboard as our example application. Our goal in writing the article was to make the process easy for anyone to try on their own. It should be easy to try it yourself — just download the code and other necessary pieces. Also, if you want to play with the end result, you can access the Flex application here. Let us know what you think.

[Update: Shashank’s blog post about the article made me realize that I forgot to mention I will be presenting on this topic at JBoss World this week but using the JBoss JMX Console as the example application. Thanks Shashank for including that!]