Mint Chooses Flex

One of the first Flex applications I built was a Flex front-end for a web based personal budgeting application called “WeBudget”. I had originally built WeBudget as a way to track how much my wife was spending on clothing. The only problem was that this required my wife to actually enter her receipts into WeBudget. I tried to make it easy by providing a WAP interface but that didn’t really work so I gave up on WeBudget. Luckily Mint, a new startup which is “Refreshing Money Management”, has come to the rescue. For those who are not familiar with Mint it’s really simple - just setup your accounts and Mint begins aggregating your transactions so that you can easily see where your money is going. It’s a safe and private way to manage your personal finances. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it!

A few months ago I met with some really bright people at Mint. They had already begun exploring Flex and so I didn’t have to work hard to “evangelize” Flex to them. They already knew what it could do so I just answered some questions they had and let them know how excited I would be as a Mint user to see them use improve their UI with Flex. Well just last week Mint updated their Spending Trends tab to use Flex! It looks and works great! Best of all it makes tracking how much my wife spends on clothing super easy! ;) Give it a try and let Mint and I know what you think.