Oracle Chooses Flex (part 7 – Sales Campaign)

At Oracle OpenWorld on Tuesday and then on Wednesday at Larry Ellison’s keynote the seventh Flex application announced at OpenWorld was demonstrated. Like Sales Prospector and Sales Library this application, Sales Campaign, is part of the larger Oracle CRM OnDemand suite that is scheduled to go live in the first half of 2008. The Sales Campaign application allows sales people to easily create and track the success of their campaigns. Like all the other Flex applications Oracle showed over the past few days the interface is simple, clean, and effective. Exactly what users want! Great job Oracle! Here is a photo of Sales Campaign from the Tuesday session (courtesy of Todd Ruhl - my personal photographer assistant - just kidding - Todd has been an instrumental part of educating Oracle about Flex and getting Flex adopted at Oracle):

That’s about it for this seven part series on all the new Flex projects Oracle announced at OpenWorld. Seems like maybe we should do a recap. Coming soon.