Online Videos: Jive Software Talking About Flex

Jive Software has always stood out to me as being a company that really cares about the user experience. I remember way back nearly 10 years ago when Jive Forums was one of the only (or at least most popular) commercial products built on the Java stack. Recently I was able to meet some of the Jive folks when I presented at the Portland Java User Group. You can tell that they are passionate about creating great software. So it’s great to see that Jive Software is embracing Flex!

To see some of the Jive folks talking about Flex check out these videos:

David Smith talks about Actionscript, Javascript, and the Future of Webapps

Using Flex for Real Time Collaboration with Derek DeMoro

Jive, keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see how you build amazing user experiences with Flex and Adobe AIR!