Flex Workshop Code – YouTube Player / MVC Example

This past weekend I did a three hour workshop on Flex at the Rich Web Experience. We started with some very simple stuff and ended with a YouTube Video Player that includes a Draggable Panel, Live Reflection, and a simple Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. You can see the application here:


You can get the code by right-clicking on the application and selecting “View Source”. If you want to compile that code you will also need NJ’s DragPanel and Reflector components available from:


Also I had to setup a proxy server for the YouTube videos which required me to add a customized VideoPlayer component which tells the NetStream to check the policy file on the server from which the videos are being loaded. The server that the videos are being loaded from needs to contain a crossdomain.xml policy file which allows my application to access the contents of the video which is needed to do a reflection of the video. Flickr recently added a crossdomain.xml policy file to the servers from which their photos are loaded. I wish YouTube would do the same so I could avoid the whole proxy thing.

Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop. And for those who didn’t I hope you learn something by looking at the code for this application.