My Recent Flex & Apollo Adventures

Sorry this blog has been pretty stagnant lately. Things have been totally crazy. I’ve been touring the country speaking at Java User Groups and other conferences. The JUGs have been really fun. It’s amazing to see how quickly the Java crowd falls in love with Flex, like I did a few years ago. There are still more JUGs, conferences, and eSeminars coming up so please check out the schedule and see if I happen to be in your home town sometime soon. If you will be around the Bay Area for JavaOne, we will be throwing a huge bash with Bruce Eckel. The details are still being finalized, but stay tuned. Also coming in October is the annual Adobe developer conference, called MAX. It will be full of top notch Flex sessions by many of our star engineers. Definitely not something you want to miss. In May I’ll be doing a triple header in Vegas; Las Vegas Adobe User Group, Nevada Java User Group, and Interop. Hopefully some of these events are in your home town since I’d love to meet you all in person!

Four other quick things…

Today we announced the Adobe Flex Toolkit for Apex which allows you to very easily create Flex & Apollo apps on top of SalesForce. I have been working on this project for a few months so it’s exciting to see it launch. I’ll be posting another blog in the next few days with more details about using the new Toolkit in Apollo applications. But if you want to get started, check out the Creating Flex Salesforce Mashups tutorial.

A while back Bruce Eckel and I recorded a screencast of us building a Flex application with Hibernate and XFire on the backend. I finally got around to packaging the code for that demo. You can get it from SourceForge.

My friend Tony in Japan created a pretty cool Flex app that does text diffs. Very cool and nice use of vectors! Thanks Tony!

Lastly, there has been lots of great developments going on with the Meldware Communications Suite. They use Flex for the webmail client. It is coming along very well, but we need some help. If you know Flex and want to get involved in a great Open Source Flex project, get more info on the site. Also, Meldware is doing a Linux User Group tour. Check out their schedule.