WeBudget RIA 1.0 Beta 1 (Flex 1.5, Cairngorm 0.99, EJB 3)

I just finished the first beta release of WeBudget based on Flex 1.5, Cairngorm 0.99, and EJB 3. My wife and I use WeBudget to manage our personal budget. This version was an attempt to learn Cairngorm and EJB 3. Cairngorm really helped to organize the Flex code like a typical J2EE project which makes the code easier to debug and maintain. EJB 3 makes writing backend Java code brainless. The combination of Flex, Cairngorm, and EJB 3 is a very compelling platform for RIAs. The code is much simpler and more maintainable than the Struts applications I have built in the past. I hope that those learning Flex will find this code helpful. And


the Flex and Cairngorm veterans can offer their input on how to make

the code even more beautiful. Please let me know what you think.

Demo (username/password = demo/demo)


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