Using Greasemonkey To Fix Other’s Bugs

Ever since I got into Macromedia Flex I have not been able to view .mxml applications in any Mozilla based browser on Linux. Mozilla for some reason cuts off the Flash at around 240 pixels in width. I have searched the web and Mozilla’s Bugzilla trying to find others who have also experienced this problem. I haven’t found much. A few Mozilla bugs seem to indicate others had this same problem. But not enough for anyone at Mozilla or even Macromedia to care. There has only been 1 post about this issue on the flexcoders Yahoo list. So not really a big deal, except to those of us on Linux!

It seems that the problem is with percentage width embedded objects inside percentage width tables. When writing mxml applications I can easily work around the issue by not using a table. However, anytime I view someone else’s application who has not worked around this bug, I only see the left 240 pixels of the application. I could try to file a bug with Mozilla, but I think that’s been done and didn’t get the issue resolved. Greasemonkey to the rescue!

Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets me easily manipulate web pages when they are loaded in my browser. So I wrote a simple Greasemonkey script which fixes the problem! Fo those interested, here is what you need to do…

or any other Flex application and you should see the full application!

My script is just a hack. If you have any ideas for improving it, please let me know!